Hello there! 🖖

I'm Fredrik.
I make things for the web.

Currently spending most of my spare-time jumping between karate, family life, work and webdev studies at Mittuniversitetet.


About me

Född och uppvuxen i Umeå, Sweden. 🇸🇪

You could say that I have a sort of gotta catch 'em all-attitude towards learning.picture of a pokeball

For every skill I learn, I have noticed that it can usually be applied to something else. Wether it is learning Python faster due to experience with JavaScript or putting a shower cabinet together without a working manual from years of experience building lego.

My interest in web development started back in 2018 while I was editing my wordpress site and realized that I couldn't edit certain aspects of it. Anyway, let's talk more about what I know;


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My Projects

Umeå Karateklubb

Club website for Umeå Karateklubb. My first real project outside school. It is a work currently in progress where I am making smaller updates here and there when requested by the members. (No github link here since the site is in use.)

HTML CSS JavaScript Wordpress

Bild på Umeå Karateklubb

Roadside Garden

A fictious restaurant website which has two front-end sites created for it. One for the customer and one for the workers. The customer can send a booking and view the menus, while the staff can see the bookings and add/edit menus. Text is in Swedish since I made it for a university course at Mittuniversitetet.


Screenshot from the site Roadside Garden

"The Adventures of Mira"

This is a game I created for my friends daughters birthday. I made it using vanilla JavaScript in a kind of Nintendo 8-bit style. To move around you can use the arrows on the keyboard (There are buttons for mobile).

HTML CSS JavaScript

A screenshot from the video game adventures of mira

JavaScript Calculator

A simple JavaScript Calculator

HTML CSS JavaScript

Picture of a calculator

Tetris Clone

A simplistic tetris clone I did a long time ago. Use the keys on the keyboard to move the blocks, and use Q and W for turning the blocks around.

HTML CSS JavaScript

Contact me

Happy to see you have made it this far. Hopefully it means I've kept your interest up and you want to get in touch.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is to send me an email.